Trail Marrapaz 

connection with the forest in the middle of the city 

A cultural, biological and social experience between a forest and a forest reserve that keep true living museums of the Amazon. Amazing trails, primary flora, animal species from the Amazon region for studies and scientific dissemination, recognition of some projects and research developed by the National Institute of Amazonian Research -  INPA, quick chat with a group of local artisans and observation of the highest point in the city, where the forest meets urbanization and, of course, a new look at the concept of environmental education.

Road map 

Location we are going to visit:

- Museum of the Amazon  (MUSE);

The script may change.

Get ready to connect with the forest in the middle of the city, learn more about the history of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon and see up close some of the species researched by the National Institute of Amazon Research.


#Observation of Amazonian flora and fauna

#knowledge about research in the Amazon

#fresh air

#centennial trees

#story about the peoples of the forest


#meeting the boundaries between the city and the forest

Meeting point




The tour starts at Largo São Sebastião, in front of the Amazon Gallery, concentration at 9 am.


9am - 2pm


9am - 2pm


R$220.00  by person


9am - 2pm


9am - 2pm

*Check availability and make your reservation.

What is included? 

Payment methods

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To make a reservation, contact the UIKA team by clicking book now, above and you will have access to our booking form. We will respond as soon as possible, as well as  any  doubt  about your  experience. Don't forget that the reservation must be made at least.  24h before carrying out your experiment.

For security, we will send you the payment link (pix  or credit)  together with  confirmation of your reservation by our e-mail .

- Local host;

- Private transfer;

- Tickets to visit MUSA.

What is not included? 

- Crafts;

- Breakfast or lunch;

- Items not mentioned above.

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 from the city to the forest 

 historical-cultural rescue 

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