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Promote experiences and experiences throughout the Amazon, ranging from the city to the forest, providing meetings between travellers and local actors that promote positive tourism that impacts individuals and destinations in the Amazon.


Be a reference in the development of tourism that impacts socially, economically, environmentally and positively supports AMAzonia's cultural diversity by 2021.


  • Value the AMAzonian culture

  • Co-create experiences with local tourism actors

  • To value the role of local entrepreneurs

  • Maximize the positive impact produced by experiments

How we do?

Creativity & Intellectual Capital

There is no place in the world that lacks any historical, social, and cultural characteristics that cannot be productively mobilized for its socioeconomic development.

Picture: UIKA


Daniele Ferreira

Bianca Machado

Taylon Retto

Beathriz Defaveri

Picture: X-Lab Manaus

How was UIKA born?

WYK of the kambeba indigenous language, adopted by us as UIKA, means traveler, a border dweller, who lives in a place where he can see both worlds but looks into the unknown. It is an unconventional traveler.

UIKA was baptized by a young man from a Kambeba indigenous community called Muipiruata on the Cuieiras River, about 60 km from Manaus during a visit to the community.


In 2016, Camila Matos, who is the founder of UIKA, and her friends from X - Lab Manaus go on various volunteer trips around Amazon and find out many amazing destinations, people and stories. And during a conversation with one of your friends comes up with some ideas for a local travel and tourism agency.

Two years later, UIKA, a producer of AMAzonic experiences for unconventional travelers, was born. Where the protagonism of experiences that go from the city to the forest, are only realized by local entrepreneurs. With the purpose of supporting and valuing the local creative economy involved in tourism in AMAzônia and also in enabling the positive social, economic and environmental impact in the destinations where we operate.

Picture: João Canto


Camila Matos

  • LinkedIn Camila Matos

UIKA founder, Camila is from Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, a tourist, designer, game master in games that train young people to be an opportunity for the world, a leader in sustainable development by FAS and SDSN, a free time researcher and an ambassador for the state. do Amazonas, a national network that encourages the taking of spaces for women to travel.

Passionate about history, culture, cuisine and education, brought into the DNA of UIKA and our own stories a lot of it.

It is a business enterprise and an experience of entrepreneurs in the city and in the forest.

Co-founder of X-Lab Manaus, a pilot project for a game called Star Trek X, which encourages the emergence of a social team for a social innovation in line with the Millennium Goals by Live Lab. It is also an excellent local source. in the UIKA experiments, but it also has to look closely.

Breno Alves

  • LinkedIn Breno Alves

UIKA Financial Administrative Manager, Breno is a native of Santarém (PA), Statistician by training, data scientist, researcher and enthusiast of programming, artificial intelligence, gastronomy and music. Passionate about travel, he has always sought to explore and experience the best of the culture, history and cuisine of the places he has been to.

He had great involvement in health projects, especially the "Health and Citizenship Program", whose objective was to contribute to the autonomy in health care of the residents of Silves, Itapiranga and Urucurituba.

In the third sector, she worked at the NGO Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (FAS). Participated in the project "Education Observatory", which aimed to monitor more than 400 riverside schools of the Amazon. In the Bolsa Floresta Program (PBF), he was responsible for managing indicators of FAS-assisted production chains in the Amazon.

In the private market, he supported the development of Bussiness Analytics (BI) and Machine Learning projects at Oracle do Brasil Sistemas, based in São Paulo / SP.

He is currently a consultant in market trends and new business.