Authentic itineraries

UIKA's authentic itineraries are cultural and nature-friendly, we call them Unveiling Manaus and From the City to the Forest, respectively. The goal is to offer unique experiences for travelers looking to get to know the city from one place and look at Manaus and the Amazon from a new, more conscious and authentic perspective.

Unraveling Manaus

Passeio a pé pelo centro histórico de Manaus e seus lugares incomuns

Perreché Tour

Manaus historical center and its unusual places
A cultural, historical and gastronomic experience for one of the largest historical centers in Brazil and also for unusual places that only those who love walking the streets and places of Manaus, as we know.
All done on foot, this tour takes you to know 22 amazing locations, take a look at our itinerary in the green button below.
4 h | R$146
Picture: Triana Segovia

Bagaceira Tour

Different experience for the nightlife of Manaus
Inspired by the nightlife of Manauaras this experience stands out for the presence of a lot of culture, gastronomy and social relations.
We looked for amazing places with history, good drinks and drinks produced and inspired by the Amazon and still went after the best parties with local musicians to pack your night. Want to know more? Click the see more button below.
4 h | R$170
Picture: Alaíde Negão
artes produtos (37).jpg

Até o Tucupi Tour

Amazon Flavors
Have you heard of pirarucu? What about tucuma? Tucupi already, right? If you love eating and discovering flavors, this experience is perfect for you.
Till the Tucupi Tour is an experience for Amazonian cuisine, ranging from forest products to the table. Be amazed at the flavors that only the Amazon has. To know more click the see more button below.
4 h | A partir de R$260
Picture: Dirce Quintino

From the city to the forest

Trilha Marrapaz

Forest connection in the middle of the city
A cultural, biological and social experience between a forest and a forest reserve that houses true living museums of the Amazon. Incredible trails, primary flora, species of animals from the Amazon region for studies and scientific dissemination, recognition of some projects and research developed by the National Institute of Amazonian Research - INPA, a quick chat with local artisans group and observation from the highest point. of the city, where the forest meets urbanization and of course a new look at the concept of environmental education.
To learn more click the see more button below.
5 h | A partir de R$220
Picture: UIKA