How can I contribute to the world I dream of while on vacation?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Viagens conscientes e sustentáveis, a mais nova tendência na hora de tirar férias

If you, like us, are on the team that cares about the impacts you generate for the environment, society, and the economy, this post was made for you.

Perhaps, you have never stopped to think about the impacts that the products and services you consume can be good or bad. This is because the production of a product or the provision of a service may or may not contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world for today and future generations.

For you to see how a few small changes and questions make a difference in our consumption, the UIKA team brought 5 tips on how to take a vacation and still contribute to the world we dream of.

1. Be open and respectful of other cultures

Go with an open mind and in active listening mode. These are the only ways you can learn something new in another culture. It's not all about what you think or believe. Deconstruct yourself! Decolonize yourself! But, respect your time and your limits, breaking preconceptions is not always easy when they happen.

Here are some tips for you to avoid making a faux pas:

- When you refer to some historical event of the black population in Brazil, do not use the term "slaves", the correct term is "enslaved", even because being a slave was an imposed condition, not a decision;

- Change the term "Indian" to "Indigenous" and if you know the ethnicity of the people, use it. Thus, you will not treat different cultures, histories, beliefs, and peoples as one;

- When referring to the period of Portuguese and Spanish navigations in Brazil, forget the term "discovered", Brazil was actually invaded, as there were already different native peoples inhabiting the territory;

- The term "tribe" no longer fits today, because it refers to primitive peoples or people who would be delayed in a supposed evolutionary line. It is correct to use the term "village" or "community" and if you know, mention the name of the ethnic group as well.

We promise that we will prepare a special post to deal with more of these terms and expressions that no longer fit these days.

2. Support local businesses

Choosing local business services and products directly contributes to the development of fairer trade and an improvement in the destination's infrastructure, by allowing money to flow in the region. Look at this example, when you buy flour, jambu cachaça, peppers, and tucupi at the fair in the city center or even in your neighborhood, you are helping this company to become more profitable. With a more profitable fair, entrepreneurs can hire more employees and consequently generate jobs for the local economy. This generates a circular economy, as local purchase becomes a direct investment in the region.

3. Choose responsible hosting

Personally, we are fans of hosting where the owners and the workforce are local and this in itself can be an amazing experience, do you know why? You know you can stay in a super cool hotel, with access to all the services that a hotel can offer, whether with that fluffy hotel bed and room service arriving at your door. Who never dreamed of this?

But, there are other accommodation possibilities that delight you with other aspects, such as being able to stay in the home of an indigenous or riverside family and experience the daily lives of these people up close, whether it's making lunch, taking care of the children, having moments of leisure and being able to talk directly with them about their stories, culture or even what it is like to have the largest forest in the world in their backyard.

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