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Crash Leg Tour 

 Belem's historic center  and its unusual places 

A cultural, historical and gastronomic experience in one of the greatest historical centers in Brazil and also in unusual places, that only those who love walking through the streets and places of Manaus, like us, know.  

All done on foot, this tour takes you to know 22 incredible places, including museums, galleries, projects, accompanied by a local host who will have the mission to introduce you to a little about the lifestyle of manauara and its relationship with the city and the forest.
The walk is moderate and lasts about 4 and a half hours, so we recommend that you protect yourself with sunscreen, wear light and light clothing, wear tennis shoes, wear sunglasses, a cap or visor, a bottle of  water and your camera to make amazing records during the course.

Road map 


Some of the places we are going to visit:

- Largo São Sebastião and Monument for the Opening of Ports
- Amazonas Theater (external)
- Largo Gallery
- Former Glacial Ice Cream
- Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue
- Igreja da Matriz
- Roadway: Floating Port of Manaus
- Adolpho Lisbon Market

We have two amazing restaurants for your gastronomic experience during the Perreché, which can take place at the end of the tour, if you choose the morning time, or it can take place at the beginning, if you choose the afternoon time.


the first restaurant  is the very famous Tambaqui de Banda and super awarded for the incredible fish dishes from the Amazon region and also for the super famous tambaqui & chips served during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and  the other is the Caxiri restaurant, which calls itself a state of mind and serves dishes with incredible alternatives to unconventional food plants, where regional cuisine is served in a contemporary environment that speaks to what Manaus has inherited from the best of the Belle Époque.

Meeting point

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9am - 1pm

12 - 4 pm


9am - 1pm

12 - 4 pm


9am - 1pm

12 - 4 pm


9am - 1pm

12 - 4 pm


9am - 1pm

The tour starts at Largo São Sebastião, at MUSA do Largo, concentration at 8:30 am in the morning and 11:30 am in the afternoon.

BRL 136.00  by person

Payment methods

*Check availability and make your reservation.

What is included? 

- Local host;

- Visit to museums, monuments, galleries and  projects;

- Storytelling about  Manaus;  

- Interaction with some actors  places  tourism in Manaus;

- Lunch at a restaurant with Amazonian cuisine and products from the forest.

what not  is it included? 

- Ticket to visit Teatro Amazonas;

- Crafts;

- Drinks and desserts;

- Private transfer;

- Items not mentioned above.

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To make a reservation, contact the UIKA team by clicking book now, above and you will have access to our booking form. We will respond as soon as possible, as well as  any  doubt  about your  experience. Don't forget that the reservation must be made at least.  24h before carrying out your experiment.

For security, we will send you the payment link (pix  or credit)  together with  confirmation of your reservation by our e-mail .

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