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Bagaceira Tour 

A different experience for the nightlife of Manaus 

Inspired by the Manaus nightlife style, this experience stands out for the presence of a lot of culture, cuisine and social relationships in a pub crawl experience (it's a tour of several bars at night, with drinks that ends in a party).  

We look for amazing places with history, good drinks and drinks produced and inspired by the Amazon and we even went after the best parties with bands of local musicians to rock your night. 

Road map 

Some of the places we are going to visit:

- Armando's Bar

- Tacacaria Amazon

- Bar Botequim

- Banda tambaqui and others.

The script may change.

Get ready to try the best drinks made from the forest's products, cool off with great local music and discover the Manaus nightlife style.

Meeting point

The tour starts at Largo São Sebastião, at the Tambaqui de Banda restaurant, concentration at 18:30h.


R$194.00  by person

Payment methods

Pix or Credit


To make a reservation, contact the UIKA team by clicking book now, above and you will have access to our booking form. We will respond as soon as possible, as well as  any  doubt  about your experience. Don't forget that the reservation must be made at least 24 hours before carrying out your experience.

For security reasons, we will send you the payment link (pix or credit) along with the confirmation of your reservation via our email .


#bohemian historic center of Manaus 

#visit to bars, pubs and culture center

#local host

#Amazonian gastronomy

#local musicians and bands





19 - 23h


19 - 23h


19 - 23h


19 - 23h

*Check availability and make your reservation.

What is included? 

- Local host;

- Visit bars, pubs and cultural spaces in the most bohemian neighborhood of Manaus;

- Curiosities about the bohemian history of Manaus and the relationship between the manauaras and their cultural heritage;

- Consumption of drinks and drinks with Amazonian products in bars visited during the tour;

- Ticket to a party with local musicians' bands at the end of the tour;

- Private transfer from the last bar to the party where the tour ends.

What is not included? 

- Consumption values above those defined for the itinerary;

- Monitoring of the local host after 04 hours of itinerary;

- Private transport to return to your accommodation;

-  Ta xed service and couverts;

- Private transfer;

- Continuity of the tour in case of conditions
unfavorable weather;

- Items not mentioned above.

 Positive impact generated


 from the city to the forest 

 historical-cultural rescue 

 conscious travel 

 local culture 

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