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Perreché Tour: walking tour pelo centro histórico de Manaus, com degustação de pratos típicos da Amazônia e espaços culturais incríveis

Perreche Tour

Walking tour of cultural and historical experience through downtown Manaus and its unusual places.
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riverside experience

An incredible immersion in the Amazon invites you to immerse yourself in the experience of Community Based Tourism that guard Acajatuba, a riverside region ...

Bagaceira Tour

Inspired by the nightlife of Manauaras, this experience takes you to know more about our culture and cuisine.

about Us

UIKA was born from the desire to show an Amazon that only those who were born and raised in the midst of it know and can truly understand it. We wanted to take travelers from all over the world to know our way of life, our world. This world of river trips, of cheering to the sound of cheesy, overhanging or boi-bumbá during the festivities, of roasting fish on banana leaves on weekends, of bathing in a river or waterfall, of putting flour on every occasion. dishes and always agree that açaí is the best dessert and cupuaçu the best fruit ever.


The purpose of UIKA is to promote responsible tourism in the Amazon, positively impacting riverside and indigenous communities who have seen in the beauties of the forest and popular knowledge an alternative income and improved quality of life.

amazon experiences

Experience the Amazon and encourage responsible tourism!

Here you will find the ideal itinerary from Manaus to the riverside or indigenous communities, individually or in groups, with a lot of Amazonian cuisine, workshops of local culture and art, community lodgings, boat trips and support for local development activities in communities of the Amazon.


Authentic itineraries

Collect unforgettable memories!

Enjoy the Amazon, the brazilian northern lifestyle, the traditional peoples, our music, our cuisine and, of course, be sure to visit the incredible destinations that lie between the city and the forest.

Here you will find unique itineraries in Manaus, tailored for travelers seeking an immersion in local life.

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Luisa Ferreira

One of my favorite parts of the tour of the historic center of Manaus was watching the sunset from the river port, one of the  most important places in the city. It was awesome, living this experience with a local hostess, as I could see the city through her eyes.

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Leonardo Coelho

I chose to travel by boat to the community and saw one of the most beautiful scenes of my entire life. It was night and the moon was full, our little boat had just picked us up at a small port and we were heading into a stream, where the community was. The silence, the stars, the moonlight that lit up the river, the forest, it was all very beautiful. I am wordless.

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UIKA took me to a world that is theirs alone. Getting to know Manaus and a riverside community through the eyes of a place is a very rich experience. I returned home, enjoying music from Manaus, with flour in my suitcase, cupuaçu soap on my body, a purple açaí mouth and even more in love with Brazil. 




Camila Matos  

+55 (92) 98161-9631 | uika.reservas@gmail.com

Camila Matos  

+55 (92) 98161-9631 | uika.reservas@gmail.com

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